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WithPCArtifacts related to the wind、Water、The electricity、Gas、Fire point, etc、Pipeline、The reserved hole、Built-in parts, and so on

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  • 282016-11

    Structure design of architectural creation

    Building structure continuous development and innovation,With the matching architectural form also in time to change。Analysis of every new shape in the history of the building、The birth of a new style,All along with the change of the structure technology。Especially now building more than ever before with dependence on building structure form。

  • 282016-11

    BIMConstruction industry revolution

    “If you have heardBIM(Building information model)?”“Ever in the project applicationBIM?”“What are the problems you encountered in the application process?”This is China's construction industry association branch of construction project quality management for the national construction enterprises issued by the questionnaire。

  • 282016-11

    Construction“The soul”In the city

    During the two sessions,Often need to from one station to another station。Walking in the streets of Beijing,A reporter is a great feeling,Beijing architectural features is obvious:Ancient architectural complexes are numerous,And largely preserved well;

  • 282016-11

    Introduction to the construction technology and application of filling pile in construction engineering

    With the development of modern science and technology,The types of pile and pile foundation forms、Construction technology and equipment, and pile foundation theory and design method,There are great evolution。Pile foundation has become the construction of various buildings in poor soil especially in high-rise buildings,Heavy-duty workshop and structure with special requirements form the basis of widely used。

  • Nantong Great Wall construction technology co., LTD., affiliated to the nantong construction group,The registered capital2000Ten thousand yuan
  • With the construction general contracting qualification,Class a qualification of architectural design。
  • 2018Years in nantong construction material for the record registration certificate,The first build directory entry in jiangsu province
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