Jiang-hua wu can industry co., LTD

Kang Biao--New era lead water supply systemHvSo pipe industry - leading the water supply system in New Era

Jiang-hua wu can industry co., LTD. Is a collection research and development、Manufacturing、Marketing、Service in a body's specialized feed water system production enterprise。Is located in China's silk--Wujiang city,Shanghai in the east,South by hangzhou,The traffic is very convenient。 The company owns“HVSOChina plastic”And“Kang Biao”Two brands,To interpret water health standard for the idea。Adopt imported three type of polypropylene(PP-R)As the raw material,Developing a new generation of green environmental protection building materials of hot and cold water with three type of polypropylene(PP-R)、FR/PP-RSeries of pipe products。Strong technical force,Test procedure,Scientific management methods,Completely according to the production processISO9001:2000The international quality management system certification;Through the national chemical building materials test center and the China preventive medicine science and environmental testing center testing,All the indexes can meet national standard,Products from ping an insurance company accept insurance。According to the industry's most stringent quality standards make us proud。

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